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Deforestation: Everything One Should Know!

By | July 15, 2021

Forests and the present state of deforestation Forests, home to about 50% of species on land, are useful for – Provision of accessible fresh water Climate mitigation Provision of life saving medicines for various diseases Mitigation of natural hazards Provision of oxygen Maintenance of soil integrity Storage of carbon from the atmosphere Maintenance of food… Read More »

Global Warming and Climate Change: Everything One Should Know!

By | July 9, 2021

The heatwaves struck Europe, South Asia, Australia, and North America such that the weather records got smashed in the summer of 2019. The Intergovernmental Planet for Climate Change (IPCC) released a report that human-induced activities are causing a major shift in the earth’s climate. We have warmed the earth by 1 degree Celsius since pre-industrial… Read More »