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Enhancers and Genetics

By | July 10, 2021

Enhancers They are short DNA fragments with several prominent features such as: driving the expression of the target gene, orientation relative to a target gene promoter, functionally independent of genomic distance, sensitivity towards DNase treatment (since its neucleosome free region), functional influence over chromatin architecture by allowing binding of transcription co-activators and histone acetylation, and… Read More »

2-DG is effective in controlling all Covid-19 variants

By | June 15, 2021

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is of severe concern around the world. It continues to cause many infections and deaths everyday. Some rapid progress in the area of developing vaccines to provide immunity against SARS-CoV-2 provided everyone with much needed hope of controlling the further spread of virus and eventually eradicating the disease. Apart from Vaccines… Read More »

List of Covid-19 Vaccines, how they are made and immune response

By | June 9, 2021

Vaccination remains a major hope for controlling rapid spread of Covid-19 by imparting immunity to virus infection . Most of the countries are racing against the time to vaccinate majority of their population so that things can come back to normal. However, availability of vaccines in many countries is hampering this vaccination drive. In spite… Read More »

Swab free covid testing : Saline gargle RT-PCR

By | May 29, 2021

The best and widely accepted method for controlling the spread of Covid-19 is to identify the infected people from population and isolate them. This requires lots of testing, which again involves many swabs, expensive reagents for RNA extraction and trained people. The swab method of collection of sample is invasive and causes discomfort to patients… Read More »

What is 2-DG and how does it work?

By | May 20, 2021

The Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) recently approved a drug, 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2-DG) for emergency use, as a adjunct therapy in treating moderate to severe cases of Covid-19. This drug is developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in collaboration with Dr. Reddy’s laboratories in Hyderabad, helped faster recovery of hospitalized patients and… Read More »

Covid-19 vaccination – Points to remember

By | April 28, 2021

In India, everyone above the age of 18 can register themselves for getting Covid-19 vaccination from tomorrow. Currently, only people above the age of 45 years are eligible to take the vaccine. From May 1st everyone above the age of 18 will be allowed to take vaccination. How to get Vaccinated : Register yourself on… Read More »

Freeze ‘N Squeeze from Bio-Rad – An alternative to gel extraction kits

By | April 25, 2021

We often tend to use gel elution kits offered by various companies to get our DNA fragment out of agarose gels for cloning and other molecular biology processes. The protocol for eluting DNA using commercial kits is time consuming (even more if u wish to elute multiple bands) and involves toxic chemicals. Here I would… Read More »

RT-PCR and Significance of CT value

By | April 23, 2021

Everywhere we hear about RT-PCR test these days. Reverse Transcription Polymerase chain reaction (RT PCR) test is required to confirm , if one is Covid-19 positive or negative. Different types of PCR : PCR : Polymerase chain reaction is one of widely used molecular biology technique to amplify and detect Deoxy ribo nucleic acid (DNA)… Read More »

Vaccines for Covid-19 in India

By | April 22, 2021

India is currently witnessing a huge surge in number of covid-19 ( caused by Sars Cov-2 ) positives cases with more than 314,000 new cases registered yesterday. Hospitals are working under lot of stress with lack of available beds and supply of oxygen is at critical stages in many big cities like Delhi, Mumbai and… Read More »

Nitric oxide nasal spray from Sanotize – Possible treatment for covid-19

By | April 15, 2021

Canadian Biotech company Sanotize had recently finished phase II clinical trials for NORS – A Nitric oxide nasal spray which has the potential to treat for Covid-19. In the recent past Sanotize, managed to demonstrate the potential of NORS in eradicating the viruses responsible for causing Influenza and H1N1. In a bid to demonstrate the… Read More »