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I FLY BIO is a blog about Biology (Bio) with special emphasis on Drosophila and other insects ( FLY ). We are also compiling science jobs (PhD, Research assistant and Postdoc ) from various sources on one page.

Fly Help :

If any fly researcher (beginner) is struggling to identify Drosophila markers or finding it difficult to balance a fly stock and generate new fly stocks or any other query related to fly genetics can feel free to contact us for any possible help. We would try our best to help you overcome the difficulty and make you comfortable with the fly work.

Images :

All the images created by us for explaining different topics are Free to Use for anyone in any medium or format. They are also allowed adapt and do changes even for commercial purpose.

The other images used for publishing are only from those websites which are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License v4.0 or any other version which supports free use of content under the terms mentioned.

We mostly use images from Wikipedia and Openstax Biology