Postdoc position in Extavour Lab – Drosophila, evodevo

By | January 6, 2022
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Post doctoral positions are available in Cassandra Extavour lab at Harvard.

Positions to work on two major areas of our research are available:

  1. Holobiome Area: Understanding the animal, plant and microbial contributions to the evolution of specific adaptive traits and phenotypic plasticity, using both Drosophila melanogaster and natural populations of wild Drosophila species in Hawaii. We are particularly interested in the evolution of functional genomic insertions, e.g. viral insertions or instances of horizontal gene transfer, in adaptive evolution.
  2. Protein Evolution Area: Elucidating the biochemical and biophysical basis of evolutionary change in protein function, with a focus on an insect gene whose ancestral function was likely somatic, and which later acquired essential roles in the germ line.

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