Nitric oxide nasal spray from Sanotize – Possible treatment for covid-19

By | April 15, 2021
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Canadian Biotech company Sanotize had recently finished phase II clinical trials for NORS – A Nitric oxide nasal spray which has the potential to treat for Covid-19. In the recent past Sanotize, managed to demonstrate the potential of NORS in eradicating the viruses responsible for causing Influenza and H1N1. In a bid to demonstrate the ability of NORS in fighting early covid=19 infection and possible treatment to this deadly disease, which currently destabilizing the whole world.

In clinical trials , NORS was able to reduce the virus load by 95% – 99% in patients infected with UK variant. This is a promising outcome and if things go in positive direction, we might have a cure for deadly covid-19 pretty soon.

link to Press release : Sanotize